Pictured is the owner holding a Watercolor Quilt by Whims entitled “Ducks & Cattails” and it was designed by Stephanie King. 

Drake’s Nest Studios, LLC is home to Terri Drake, a fiber artist – fibers include fabric, threads, weaving, embroidery, quilting, basket making, weaving and needle felting of tiny bears – a published author, and an avid photographer; a weaver of dreams and teller of stories.  A maker of teddy bears and miniatures for collectors.

She holds an Associates in Arts Degree and a Bachelors in Integrated Studies Degree with a Major in Business and the Arts.

Terri replicates children’s artwork into fiber, with no damage to the child’s original art, right down to the child’s scrawled signature. The child’s artwork is maccaroni noodles? No problem, just take a photo of the artwork and she will replicate the artwork from the photo; however, it must  be a clear, detailed photo. The artwork can then be translated into pillows, wall hangings, quilts, mounted works of art – great gifts for grand parents, grandchildren (mom’s art in a quilt given to the grandchild – see the kind of pictures your mama did) or gifts for college grads.  Let Terri make a memory with your child’s art.

**Terri can also translate into fiber art pictures of a favorite place or places you’ve traveled.


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