We found a home!

We had a very busy day today going from place to place looking at homes and apartments. There were many nice places, a few that did not fit our needs and some that should have been cleaned and/or repaired before they were shown.

It has been a delightful day and we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing different sections of the city. Sharing the experience with our friend and hostess made it especially sweet. After much thought and discussion, we settled on a place we had seen a day or two ago, a 3 bedroom, 3 bath penthouse with a fireplace, jacuzzi tub and a loft that goes the entire length and width of the building to use as my artist studio and we have 5 terraces. We are the only penthouse in the building and the elevator goes to our front door. Another plus is that the rent includes everything from gas and water to internet.

We are feeling very blessed now and looking forward to receiving our Visas in three weeks time. The pictures I am posting are from the listing and I will post more complete pictures once we have gotten settled in. So looking forward to the 360 degree view we have of the city and its mountains and listening to the Tomebamba River sing as it winds it way by.

Need to get some rest as we have a busy schedule tomorrow and on Friday we head to the coast to do the remaining paperwork and pictures for our Visas. Until next time my friends,

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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We are Home!!!

We arrived in Cuenca, Ecuador on Saturday afternoon and have been enjoying exploring around our new home area and getting familiar with landmarks. We had a terrific day with our wonderful hostess, Heather Peden, who is graciously letting us stay with her while we look for a place to call home.

Yesterday, we had a day full of adventure as we started off by going to the our Immigration Attorney’s office. She informed us that we will be making a trip on Friday, to the Immigration Ministry on the Coast, a three-hour trip, to get photo’s taken for our Visas and fill out paperwork. It will take approximately three weeks until our Visas are approved. From the attorney’s office, we had to go to the Migration Ministry to fill out some paperwork to prove that we have not over stayed our Traveler’s Visa, which are good for 90 days. This office is located in the police station, so that was a bit of a shock.

From there we went to El Centro to look around and explore and made connections with an agent who wanted to show us a Penthouse we were interested in seeing. After a 20 minute walk, we met up with the agent and up to the Penthouse. It looked nothing like the photo’s we had seen, was extremely small and just not what we wanted. For example, the kitchen was extremely tight in that you had to walk sideways to get behind the counter, which was a bit odd.

From there we took a stroll and had a wonderful lunch at a little bistro. It was so much fun trying to order our lunches, but we managed. The food was delicious. Our friend had ordered a “small” hamburger and what was delivered was huge! We started laughing and told our waiter that couldn’t be the small and then he showed us a picture of the “Grande” which could have fed three people!

Today, we went to look at another house. It was an interesting trip as the cab driver kept going in circles trying to find the house. In Cuenca, the homes do not have addresses and the streets don’t always have a name in plain view. Kind of the way the UP in Michigan use to be with no addresses. It made for an entertaining experience. The house was an old Ecuadorian style home that while it had charm, had far too much that needed to be done and had not been well maintained. So we said no thanks and returned home. Later we went to the grocers and explored the supermarket and then went for homemade ice cream at the local ice cream parlor, and it was delicious. As we were ready to leave, it began to do a gentle rain. We walked back to the house and as soon as we got inside, it began to pour.

Such a wonderful day we’ve had. We will be going to look at other places tomorrow, but for now, are relaxing and listening to the sound of the rain on the roof. All is right with the world and we are content and happy. Of course we will be happier once we have a place to call our own, but for now, the company of our wonderful friend and hostess is nice.

Enjoy some pictures of our trip to El Centro, the Vendors who were out for the Celebration of Corpus Christi and our delicious lunch. The celebration of Corpus Christi, by the way, deals with the Resurrection of Christ and how sweet it was and so they make all kinds of sweets to celebration. Until later my friends,

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest now in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Good Morning Ecuador

On Friday we arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador and stayed overnight. Saturday we departed Guayaquil and headed towards Cuenca. The ride was an adventure in itself.

As we headed South, traffic was brisk. At stop a stop,light a street mime stepped in front of the car trying to get our attention. It is not unusual to see street performers or vendors hawking wares like fresh-cut pineapple slices. Then we proceeded up into the Cajas where we were greeted by fog. It was unbelievable how fast people drove and passed vehicles in this thick cotton of clouds. At one point our driver even passed a truck, with little room to spare and return to the proper lane before a vehicle from the opposite direction appeared out of the fog.

While Ecuadorians are very laid back in their everyday life, they are loco when they drive. Surprisingly, there are very few accidents as they are excellent drivers.

We arrived in Cuenca around 3:30 p.m. to be greeted by our hostess, Heather Penden, and to a delightfully delicious meal, some conversation and then bed. I slept the most wonderful sleep I’ve had in years. Now I must get ready for church where we can thank the good Lord proper for our safe travels.

Enjoy the pictures of our foggy travels, until next time my friends, take care and God bless you.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drake’S Nest


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Beautiful morning

We are rested and looking forward to our first day in Ecuador. We have been told by our driver that he will arrive here in Guayaquil around 11:30 this morning which will put us in Cuenca around 3:00 p.m.

This is the view from our window this morning. What a beautiful day it is going to be. On to breakfast!

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drakes Nest Studios in Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Houston, the Eagle has landed!

I couldn’t help but borrow the line for the first moon landing to announce making it to Ecuador. We just arrived in Guayaquil and are currently resting in our room at the Sheraton Guayaquil. Yippee!!!

It has been a long process of packing, purging and saying goodbye to friends, family and all that is familiar to us. The movers arrived at 8:30 a.m. Thursday and finished packing at 4:30 p.m. They had to get another truck as they sent the wrong size, but it all worked out. They wrapped all the furniture, loose items they thought were too fragile, they asked if it was okay to wrap and protect. They cleaned up all packing material and left the place spotless.

After they left, we did some last minute cleaning, said goodbye to neighbors and headed to Miami to stay overnight. We arrived at the hotel at 10:30 p.m after fighting traffic and rain. Our hotel was in the airport and right close to the airlines we were using.

The flight was uneventful, the food was pretty good, and there were no problems either with tickets or customs. We were waved through and retrieved all our luggage easily.

Due to the seasonal embargo on baggage, we had to put two suitcases in storage as you are limited to two checked in bags per person. We thought about shipping them FedEx, but at $1200, yes that is twelve hundred dollars, per suitcase, we thought storing them and have them delivered with our household goods when our Visas are approved was the way to go.

Tomorrow we will have a driver pick us up and we drive to Cuenca where we will begin to settle in and get acquainted with our new home country. Monday we meet with our immigration attorney and will begin looking for a place to call home. Until we find a place we are staying with a wonderful lady who has opened her home to us.

Our adventure has begun and we are looking forward to seeing where our journey leads us. Now, I must get some rest and prepare for tomorrow’s trip to Cuenca.

Until later my friends, take care and God bless.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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Time has come — Finally!

I never thought the day would finally arrive when I would be saying goodbye to Florida. Early tomorrow morning the movers will arrive to load all the items we are taking with us to Ecuador to put into storage until our Visas have been approved for residency. Once they are approved, I will email the company, send them documentation proof and in a week or two we will have all our belongings.

It has been a long journey to get to this point, but it has been well worth the wait. After the movers leave, we will do some final clean up and then head out to Miami where we will stay overnight and leave for Ecuador on Friday. I am SO looking forward to doing nothing but enjoying the ride and resting up from months of packing, purging and cleaning.

Goodwill loves us at this point in time, we have made a total of 27 trips with donations of everything from clothing to household goods to fabric to books and I don’t know what else. Habitat Restore was thrilled with the furniture we gave them – 2 sofas with electric recliners built-in, a very large circular oak dinning table with four chairs, 3 Black Walnut bookcases, a German Hutch, Glass tea cart, chest freezer, 1913 White Twig Treadle, and a 5-piece King size bedroom set and a queen size sofa bed. They loved the quality furniture and told us its the nicest donations they’ve ever received as the furniture was like new.

I am so bone tired right now, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is a welcome sight and does refresh one a bit.

The next time I post, we should be in Guayaquil or in Cuenca. We will be traveling to Guayaquil to stay overnight there and then a van will pick us up Saturday morning and take us to Cuenca where we will be staying with a wonderful lady who has opened her home to us and will accompany us as we look for a place to call home.

Take care my friends and may the good Lord bless each and every one of you with all the best that life has to offer. Until next time,

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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Almost Time to Depart

I can’t believe just how fast the time is flying past and in a few days time, we will be leaving for our new home in Cuenca, Ecuador. This past week has been a busy one with some highs and lows.

The highs have been selling our car, my husband getting his implants completed and celebrating my last birthday in the U.S.A. Also on a high note, albeit a sad one, a rescue society has taken in my cat SamWise to a foster home until a new forever home can be found for him. It broke my heart to give him up as I have had him for 12 years and he was a tremendous comfort to me when my second husband passed away. While I am tremendously glad that I did not have to have him put to sleep and that he will be able to enjoy what time he has left in a good home, I am sad that he will not be able to join us in Ecuador. I had to make a tough decision and do what I felt was in his best interest. I truly believe that he would not have survived the trip.

We have just about gotten everything packed and are now in the process of cleaning and clearing all the clutter so that we can put the house on the market next week. I repainted our front door a bright red and put on a new and shiny brass door knocker that seems to say welcome home. Hopefully, our house will sell fast. Of course we will have to handle all the settlement documents via email and FedEx. But we have a wonderful attorney in Ecuador, so that should not be a problem.

We had to rent a van so we can drive to the airport in Miami and have the room to transport our 6 suitcases with our clothes, medications and things that we did not want to risk shipping. From what I understand, everyone seems to do this when they move to another country so that they have comfortable clothes. For my husband, this is a necessity as he is 6 foot 4 inches tall and clothes his size are not easy to come by in Ecuador.

Hopefully, our travel to our new home country will be uneventful and enjoyable. The next blog post should be upon our arrival, but we shall see what happens. If there is something you would like to know about, or if you have any questions about what life is like there, send me an email or post the question in your comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

Wishing each and every one of you all the best that life has to offer.  Until next time, stay safe and live life to its fullest.

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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